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Ms. bags and clothing with a choice and tricks

Ms. bags and clothing with a choice and tricks

Ms. bags and clothing with the selection and skills, modern women in order to save time, on different occasions only use the same bag, because it does not match with the dress, it looks inconsistent.We recommend one for work, leisure and dinners and other occasions. At work with purses should be larger, so you can store more essential supplies, but the style must be generous, consistent with the work image, such as a briefcase style purses are the most suitable.

 1.white dress and matching bag
White is the most holy color, personal feeling is dressed the best color, the color is more suitable for light colored bag with matching. White casual bag fitted with a pale yellow, soft color coordination; also losing with a winning combination of lavender, pale pink bag to give people with soft elegant feel. White wear more suitable for matching shades of lavender and close the bag, the effect is good, oh. Red and white combination is more daring, stylish, chic look enthusiasm, in strong contrast to the heavier weight of the white, feel softer.

2.Blue dress and matching bag
Blue clothing most likely with various colored bag with, whether it is similar to dark blue or dark blue, are relatively easy to match, and blue have a good crunch to close the body effect, it is a prime mad Xiushen Cai select. Blue jacket with red bag, make people seem charming, pretty; with gray handbag, slightly conservative portfolio, but the overall feel more lively (strongly recommended fine lines of gray, can be a good add elegance); and lavender bag with, it feels more subtle; ladies bag with white Needless to say, blue and white with itself is relatively common, if intentionally or unintentionally added ingredients purple, of the city will be added to taste a bit mature. Color more depth, especially black blue similar professional package, with the color of the bag for restrained attend some formal occasions, not only ornaments decent, sharp curves and with a kind of light and charming romance. .

  3.With black clothes and bags
Black belongs to calm with mystery, and no matter what color put together, will not have a style, it has been felt by people choose black, mostly wise man, absolutely first class. Red and black with itself is the classic, the best combination of black and white is never out of date, even if somewhat difficult to match the beige with, if that can be done consistent style, the result is almost unparalleled, sunshine, avant-garde, fashion, youth, similar words will be a steady stream of rushing to your name. Then go to nothing blase.

4.Brown dress and matching bag
Brown clothes and bags with relatively simple, and can be very good white bag with giving a pure feeling, more suitable for pure little girl; more conservative dark brown with a red bag, vivid, very pretty ; brown clothes with the same color of the bag is also good, but the two can not claim the same, brown belt with plain brown plaid may be embodied with elegant and sophisticated materials with different texture brown texture easily through the differences, highlighting the contrast, exhibit unique taste.

5.Purple dress and matching bag
Purple mature elegant and luxurious, the texture of the clothing, high work demands, also for bags with matching requirements are more demanding, but often this is the hardest to match colors, it can best reflect the wearer elegant bookish aristocratic charm and rhyme. Lilac color is more suitable romantic and not too deep near the bag with, look elegant calm; purple clothing is more luxurious, more similar for color and not too bright colors with matching bag, revealing the dignity of luxury and generous.

6.Recommended with green and light yellow or yellowish color of the bag between
Give people a feeling of spring, not only elegant and decent, and the ladies taste heavy. Light green and light red, light yellow, light colors like light blue bag with good results, elegant, natural, pure.

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